Coating Pan

The Coating Pan is simple unit, which employs the principle of rolling a batch of tablets in an elliptical pan, spraying the coating solution on it and passing hot air across the tablet bed. An exhaust blower may be used to carry away the excess fumes generated during the coating and drying process. Gem manufactures coating pan of various capacities ranging from 12” lab model to 72” conventional types.

The following are the major components of the Coating pan system :

Application: For Film coating, enteric coating and sugar coating system.
Pan: Pan is provided with half round pipe tubular baffles welded inside the pan so as to generate tumbling action of tablets/pellets.
Drive : rive is through a suitable HP Motor connected to gearbox assembly by means of pulley and belt arrangement.
Hot Air Blower: Motor is directly coupled to a centrifugal blower employed to supply hot air to the system. The blower can be mounted outside the room and air is passed through air electrical heaters and carried by circular ducting, with a manually operated damper at approachable height, to the Pan. The ducting is provide with a temperature sensor for temperature measurement / control and is also provided with reduced cones to fix the heater box. Optionally the blower inlet is provided with inlet filter and filter housing. The ducting is provided with a flexible bellows with provision to fit into the lid of the pan. The end of the pipe is provided with a fish tail inside the pan to spread the air uniformly over the tablet bed at higher velocity. Interlocks: If hot air blower will not start, heater will not be ON. Initially, when Heaters start, both the banks raise the temperature. Once the set temperature is achieved, the heaters will be switched off. Separate temperature Indicator / Controller is provided for the heater.
Exhaust Blower with dust collector or wet scrubber: Suitable HP motor directly coupled to a centrifugal blower is used to carry away excess fumes generated inside the Pan which is connected to a dust collector which consists of filter bags where the air gets filtered and the dust gets settled down. The blower is mounted outside the room and a circular ducting, with a manually operated damper at approachable height, is used to carry away the air. Wet Scrubber: A ventury type scrubber consists of mist Eliminator, spray nozzles with suitable tank capacity connected with inlet piping through Pump.

The Scrubber is provided with MS construction with FRP lining.

Spray System : The whole unit is mounted on Caster Wheel Trolley. The system consists of the following.
Solution Preparation insulated Tank : Solution preparation insulated tank with electrical stirrer motor, at the top, electrical heaters 1.5KW each is fitted in the tank for heating the solution in Tank. These Heaters are controlled by PT-100 Sensor and Temperature Controller provided on main panel separately for Tank. This unit is having arm arrangement to insert the gun inside the Coating Pan and to adjust the up and down movement of the gun. Peristaltic Pump: If a fluid has to pass through a tube then a Peristaltic Pump can speed its flow, control its flow rate or dispense it in precise volumes. It sprays solution in the Coating Pan through spray gun. Output of this pump is depended upon the speed. VFD is provided to vary the speed of the pump. Electrical Agitator. a motor with SS shaft and propeller blade is mounted on the Lid , to keep the liquid in agitated condition.
Spray Gun / Nozzles : The Spray gun is provided with inlets for liquid and air connection. The gun is mounted on an adjustable stand, and gun movement in all three planes is possible by adjustment available on the stand. The gun has a spring loaded lever for starting / stopping spraying. This lever can be operated Manually Or locked in β€˜ON’ position and air supply to gun can be switched ON / OFF.